Tools For Creating Videos


Tools For Creating Videos

Creating videos is a great way for online marketers to add some human side in their business and communicate more easily and discuss highly complex ideas for the better and easier understanding of customers.

Video has become an essential tool because it has the power to deeply engage. On the flip side, it also has the power to bore viewers.

It is important that you create a compelling video to attract viewers. The process of creating a video is much different than writing and it is not that easy.

There are proven techniques in able to make compelling videos and you also need great tools that can help your videos more engaging, hold the attention of your viewers and make them wow.

Below are some tools that can help you started if you want to add video to your social media marketing or to just simplify your video production. These tools will make it easy for you to record and edit videos for your ad campaigns.


This is a interesting take on the slide presentation as it allows you to create one giant and more easily connected idea and then use the tool to zoom, pan and fly all around the presentation to create a really dynamic feel. It’s not the easiest tool to master, but check out some of the incredible examples on the site to get inspiration.

YouTube Editor

This is a free to use tool. I like this tool because you use YouTube to host and stream your videos anyway. It is capable to give a nice editing right in YouTube. You can also add annotations and transcripts to your videos making them more SEO friendly.


This tool will automatically make you a beautifully arranged and a completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music.Explore and try to experiment using its features. It takes a little trial and error to get right, but will give you a great professional touch when you do.


This is a really unique tool as it adds a crowdsourced element. You can upload video clips and can also borrow from other users. You can then work on your project alone or make a collaboration with others. If you’re creating videos when you attend a big event or conference then you need to this tool is perfect for this.


Making animated videos can be powerful and a great way to tell your story in a unique manner. This tool will make you animation videos and will allow you to make full features animated movies using characters and sets of your choosing.


This tool takes your raw footage and goes through and picks out what it thinks is the best of the best to create a short video. The tool then lets you add music and titles. Again, this is one that is awesome when it gets it right, but a little clunky with it doesn’t.


This might cost you some money and not the cheapest option but it will guarantee you to give you the best of the best ways to create a one of a kind video that is hard not to watch.This service will create doodle videos where a hand draws out your story with a marker in high-speed capture.

Common Craft

This is another really unique way to tell your story using video. Common Craft is a tool that uses paper cutouts moved around or whiteboards to tell your story. If you want a unique way to take a complex idea easy to understand the this tool is best for you. Try and see for yourself.

Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is also one of the powerful free video editor and you have the options to avail it’s premium if you need more advanced features.

It promises a pro-level features for free and it delivers what it promised! It’s basic editors is very impressive and easy to use with its advanced cutting tools, a top set og audio and video filters, great layers and masking, compositing options and chroma keying if you want to create a green screen effect.

Basice editors are free but additional tools starts at £8.85 (about US$10, AU$15) per pack with a feature of color correction, exposure adjustment, split screen masking and many creative filters.

The only downside of this free tool is that it is more demanding than the first two tools I mentioned earlier so make sure to check the technical requirements before you download it.

Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is available for both PC and Mac, it is an advanced video recorder and editor. You can record whatever part of the screen that you need to show smoothly, down to the pixel. It has a very useful feature which is the SmartFocus that allows you to zoom in and out, as well as pan.

More than 80% of people view their Facebook newsfeed using their mobile devices so zooming in it is really important for videos. Make sure that your text is large and clear enough for people who are watching on the go.


ScreenFlow is easy-to-use screen recording and editing software for Mac. It allows you to record your entire screen while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone and computer audio.


This tool is just for basic use. If your looking for an easy and lower cost solution, then this is a great option.

Snagit allows you to record videos and capture screen although it doesn’t have the extensive editing features like the other softwares.

Snagit has customizable arrows, blur, colorful speech bubbles and other markup options, as well as video trimming, special effects and more.


Lightworks is the most powerful free video editor around. It can make you achieve a professional video editing results at the comfort of your home.It’s much more than just a replacement for Windows Movie Maker.

Lightworks is far from being a simple tool for cutting clips, the pro version of it has already been used to create big-name movies like The King’s Speech and Road to Perdition. Like all the powerful video editor, you won’t master Lightworks just by overnight but it will run on any modest hardware and can surely handle video captures and advanced editing. Although its interface is a little different than the other free videos in the market but you can always arrange and customizes its different controls and windows to create something that will fit the way you work.


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